Water Cooled Condenser

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A water cooled condenser is the one where we use water as the condensing medium. We prefer in areas where an adequate supply of clear economical water and methods for water removal are accessible. We use them regularly in commercial and industrial refrigerating units. The water cooled condenser may use either of the following two systems.

  • . Wastewater system
  • Recirculated water system

In a wastewater system, the water in the wake of circling in the condenser is released to a sewer. We also use this system in small units and in areas where enormous quantities of new economical water. We can also use this system where we have a sewer system to deal with wastewater. The most well known source freshwater supply in the city main.

Water Cooled Condenser Using Waste Water System

Water Cooled Condenser Using Waste Water System

In a recirculated water system, similar water coursing in the condenser is cooled and utilized over and over. Hence this system also requires a few sorts of water cooling devices. The cooling water towers and splash lakes are the most well-known cooling devices. The warm water from the condenser is directed to the cooling tower. The water pump also helps to circulate the water through the system and then to the cooling tower. The cooling tower is generally on the top of the roof. When a coursed water system is filled with water the main extra water required is makeup water. The cosmetics water basically replaces the water that vanishes from the cooling tower or splash lake.

Water Cooled Condenser With Recirculating Water System

Water Cooled Condenser With Recirculating Water System

Types of Water Cooled Condenser

Let’s discuss the water cooled condenser types

  • Tube in a tube or double tube condenser- It comprises of water tube inside an enormous refrigerant tube. In this kind of condenser, the hot fume refrigerant enters at the highest point of the condenser. The water retains the heat from the refrigerant and the condensed liquid refrigerant flows at the bottom. Also, ambient air absorbs some of the heat by natural convection
  • Shell and coil condenser- It consists of one or more water coils enclosed in a welded steel shell. Both the finned and bare coil types are available.
  • Shell and tube condenser– It comprises of a cylindrical steel shell containing various straight water tubes. The tubes are expanded into grooves in the tube sheet holes to form a vapour tight fit. The tube sheet holes to form a vapour tight fit. The cylinder sheets are welded to the shell at both the closures. 


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