Summer Air Conditioning System

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What Is Summer Air Conditioning System?

In the Summer Air Conditioning system, the air is cooled, which is commonly joined by Dehumidification. In Summer, the outside condition is hot. Therefore, there will be a nonstop transfer of sensible heat as well as moisture from outside to the building. It is the sort of cooling, where the air is cooled and by and large dehumidified. The air provided to the adapted space is cooled and dehumidified. Sensible and latent heat loss from outside is an essential aspect of it.

In this video, I have explained the summer air conditioning system for hot and wet weather.

Summer Air Conditioning System

Schematic Diagram of Summer Air Conditioning System

Summer Air Conditioning System Working

Let’s discuss the working principle of summer air conditioning system

  • The outside wind streams through the damper and stirs up with re-flowed air (which is acquired from the conditioned space). The blended air goes through a channel to evacuate dirt dust and different contaminations.
  • Air is passed through the evaporator coil. The coil has a temperature much underneath the necessary dry bulb temperature of the air in the adapted space. The cooled air loses its dampness in the condensed form which is gathered in a sump.
  • Air is then passed through the condenser coil which is heated to some extent. It is done to carry the air to the structured dry bulb temperature and relative humidity.
  • Fan moves the air to the conditioned space. A part of air is reduced to the environment by the fans or ventilators. The rest of the piece of the utilized air (Known as re-flowed air) is again conditioned.
  • The outside air is sucked and made to blend in with the re-coursed air so as to compensate for the loss of utilized air through fans or ventilation from the conditioned space.
Temperature Range

Temp: 20°C to 23°C

Relative Humidity Range

Relative Humidity Range: 30% to 45%

Advantages Of Air Conditioning System

  • Hot air is converted into Cold air.
  • Used in places where the product has to keep at a cool temperature for a long time.
  • Suited for places where there is summer throughout.
  • Maintain the cool temperature of the building in the summer season.
  • Humidification is decreased.

Summer Air Conditioning System Numerical

Question: The amount of air supplied to an air-conditioned hall is 300m3/min. The atmospheric conditions are 35.C DBT and 55% RH. The required conditions are 20.C DBT and 60% RH. Find out the sensible heat and latent heat removed from the air per minute. Also, find sensible heat factor for the system.


Given: v1=  300m3/min; td1= 35.C;1= 55%; td2= 20.C; 2= 60%

First of all, we will mark the initial condition of air at 35.Dry bulb temperature and 55% relative humidity on the psychrometric chart at point 1. Now, mark the final condition of air at 20.Dry bulb temperature and 60% relative humidity on the chart as point 2. Locate point 3 on the chart by drawing a horizontal line through point 2 and a vertical line through point 1. From the psychrometric chart, we find that specific volume of air at point 1,

vs1=0.9m3/kg of dry air

summer air conditioning system psychrometric chart

 psychrometric chart

Mass of air supplied,

ma=v1vs1=3000.9= 333.3 kg/min 

Sensible heat removed from the air

From the psychrometric chart, we find that enthalpy of air at point 1,

h1= 85.8 kJ/kg of dry air

Enthalpy of air at point 2,

h2= 42.2 kJ/kg of dry air

Enthalpy of air at point 3,

h3= 57.4 kJ/kg of dry air

We know that sensible heat removed from the air, 


333.3(57.4 – 42.2) = 5066.2 kJ/min

Latent heat removed from the air

LH= ma(h1-h3)

333.3(85.8 – 57.4) = 9465.7 kJ/min

Sensible heat factor for the system

We know that the sensible heat factor for the system,

SHF= SHSH + LH= 5066.25066.2  + 9465.7= 0.348

Hence we are also providing the Summer Air Conditioning System Pdf

Summer Air Conditioning System PDF


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