Simple Vapour Compression Cycle

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What is Simple Vapour Compression Cycle?

Simple vapour compression cycle is a system where the suitable working substance is used, called as a refrigerant. It evaporates and condenses at pressure and temperature closes to atmospheric conditions. The refrigerant used is carbon dioxide, ammonia etc. The refrigerant used is circulated throughout the evaporating and condensing unit.

The simple vapour compression cycle is nowadays used for all-purpose refrigeration. It is generally used for a small domestic refrigerator to a big air conditioning plant.



  1. COMPRESSOR: Refrigerant with low pressure and temperature from the evaporator moves to the compressor through inlet or suction valve where it is compressed to high temperature and pressure. The high temperature and pressure vapour refrigerant are discharged into the condenser through discharge or delivery valve.


  1. CONDENSER: The Condenser consists of coils of pipe in which the vapour refrigerant of high pressure and temperature is cooled and condensed. The refrigerant gives the latent heat to the surrounding condensing medium which is water or air in general.


  1. RECEIVER: The liquid refrigerant from the condenser unit is stored in the receiver where it is supplied to the evaporator through the expansion valve.


  1. EXPANSION VALVE: It is also known as throttle vale. The main purpose of an expansion valve is to allow the liquid refrigerant to pass at a controlled rate after reducing its pressure and temperature. Some of the liquid refrigerants evaporate as it passes through the expansion valve, but a greater amount is vaporised into the evaporator at low temperature and pressure.


  1. EVAPORATOR: The liquid – vapour refrigerant is evaporated and changed into vapour refrigerant at low pressure and temperature. In the evaporator, the liquid vapour refrigerant absorbs the latent heat of vaporisation from the medium i.e. air or water.


simple vapor compression cycle

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  1. Smaller in size with a given capacity of refrigeration.Less running cost.
  2. Employed for a large range of temperatures.
  3. O.P is quite high.


  1. The initial cost is high.
  2. Leakage of the refrigerant is the major problem in the simple vapour compression cycle.


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