Multistage Compressor

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What is Multistage Compressor?

Multistage Compressor highlight a series of cylinders, every one of an alternate diameter. Between every pressure organize, the air goes through a heat exchanger, where it gets cooled. Cooling the air diminishes the measure of work essential to compress it further.

Some of the time, the vapor refrigerant is conveyed at an exceptionally high pressure in the event of low-temperature refrigeration framework. In such cases, we utilize the single-stage compressor with an exceptionally high-pressure proportion or compress it in at least two phases put in series.

Drawbacks with Single Stage Compressor

  • Size of the cylinder will be excessively huge.
  • It is hard to reject the heat in the little league accessible for compression.
  • In some cases, the temperature of the refrigerant even after compression is exceptionally high. It might prompt the harm of the chamber head or the greasing up oil.
  • Running expense is exceptionally high.
  • Erosion misfortunes are high.
  • Volumetric effectiveness is low.
  • So as to conquer the troubles of Single-stage compressor, vapor refrigerant is compacted with at least two compressors in series.

Advantages of Multi-Stage Reciprocating Compressor

  • Leakage loss is impressively less.
  • Littler size flywheel is required as it gives progressively uniform torque.
  • Volumetric productivity is improved for the pressure ratio.
  • Gives appropriate oil to low-temperature go.
  • Lessens the expense of the compressor.
  • Size of the two cylinders is balanced by the volume and pressure of refrigerant.
  • Work done per kg of refrigerant is diminished.


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