Hermetic Compressor

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Hermetic Compressor are encased in similar packaging and they work on a similar shaft with the engine. These sorts of compressors dispose of the utilization of wrench shaft seal which is fundamental to prevent the leakage of the refrigerant. Hermetic compressor may work on either responding or rotational standard and might be mounted with the pole in either the vertical or flat position. The hermetic unit is broadly utilized for little limit refrigeration frameworks, for example, in household iceboxes, home coolers, and window cooling.

The hermetically fixed compressor is altogether different from the conventional open kind of compressor in which the compressor and the engine are various elements and the compressor is associated with the engine by coupling or belt. They are utilized with engine control prerequisites from 1/20 to 71/2 hp.

Hermetic Sealed Compressor

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Hermetic Compressor


  • The spillage of refrigerant is counteracted.
  • It is less uproarious.
  • It requires little space due to smallness.
  • The grease is straightforward as the engine and compressor work in a fixed space with a lubrication.
  • The hermetically compressor can be moved effectively from one spot to the next spot, they are exceptionally versatile.
Hermetic Compressor

Source: wikimedia.org


  • The upkeep isn’t simple because the moving parts are out of reach.
  • A separate siphon is required for clearing and charging of refrigerant.


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