Domestic Electrolux Refrigerator

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Domestic Electrolux refrigerator also know as ammonia hydrogen refrigerator. The primary reason for this system is to take out the pump. Without the moving parts, the machine becomes quiet. This system uses ammonia, water, and hydrogen as three fluid. Ammonia posses most of the desirable properties and used as refrigerant. It is toxic in nature. It has very little chance for the leakage. The total refrigerant used is also in very small quantity. Hydrogen increases the rate of evaporation for liquid ammonia passing through the evaporator. Hydrogen is non-corrosive in nature. The water is utilized as a dissolvable on the grounds that it can absorb the ammonia rapidly. Domestic Electrolux refrigerator is also known as three fluid absorption system.

Domestic Electrolux refrigerator diagram

Domestic Electrolux refrigerator diagram

Working of Domestic Electrolux Refrigerator

  • The strong ammonia solution in the heat exchanger is heated in the generator. It is done by applying heat from the outside source normally by a gas burner. During the warming procedure, ammonia vapours are expelled from the arrangement and move to the condenser.
  • A rectifier or a water administrator fitted before the condenser expels water vapours inside ammonia vapours. Dry vapours are to provided to the condenser. These water vapour if not evacuated will go into the evaporator causing freezing and stifling of the machine.
  • The hot weak solution is left in the generator. It flows to the absorber through heat exchanger. It is then cooled. 
  • The heat removed by the weak solution is used in raising the temperatures. Hence absorption process accelerates and the performance of the plant is accomplished.
  • Ammonia vapours are being condensed by the external source in the condenser. The liquid refrigerant flows to the evaporator and meets hydrogen.
  • During the evaporation process, the ammonia absorbs the latent heat and therefore delivers cooling impact.

C.O.P of Domestic Electrolux Refrigerator

The mixture of ammonia vapour and hydrogen passes to the absorber. In absorber, ammonia is being absorbed and hydrogen moves upwards. Hydrogen then flows back to the evaporator.

C.O.P = Heat absorbed in the evaporator/ Heat supplied in the generator


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