Air Conditioning System

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Air Conditioning System is the branch that deals with supplying and maintaining desirable internal atmospheric conditions for human comforts. It controls the various factors like temperature, humidity, purity, and motion of the air.

  • Temperature of Air: Maintaining the desired temperature with an enclosed space without affecting the outside temperature. This is accomplished either by the addition or removal of heat from the enclosed space. 
  • Humidity of air: Decreasing or increasing moisture contents of air during the summer or winter. In general, humidity should not be less than 60% for summer air conditioning and in winter air conditioning it should not be more than 40%.
  • Purity of air: There must be proper filtration, cleaning and purification of air to keep it free from impurities. It is a factor for the comfort of human breathing.
  • Motion of air: The motion of the air should be controlled in order to keep the constant temperature throughout the space. 
Air Conditioning system

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Equipments used in Air Conditioning System

  • Circulation fan: Move the air from and to the room.
  • Air Conditioning Unit: It consists of cooling and dehumidifying process for summer air conditioning or heating and humidification processes for winter air conditioning.
  • Supply Duct: It directs the conditioned air from the circulating fan to the space.
  • Supply outlets: These are grills which distribute the conditioned air evenly in the room.
  • Return Outlets: These are the openings in a room surface which allow the room air to enter the return duct.
  • Filters: The main function of the filters is to remove dust, dirt and other things from the air.

Air conditioning system

Air Conditioning System Types 

     1. According to the purpose

    2. According to season of the year

  • Winter Air Conditioning
  • Summer Air Conditioning
  • Year-round Air Conditioning

     3. According to the arrangement of the equipment

  • Unitary Air Conditioning
  • Central Air Conditioning


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